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Family LawyersFinding the right law firm that will offer you the best legal aid in Sydney can be an overwhelming process. However, the following points are aimed at helping you choose the right law firm to handle your case in the areas of criminal law, family law, and DUIs.

1. How to choose the right law firm dealing in criminal law

If you have been charged with a crime, finding the right criminal lawyer to represent you in court can assure you of a favorable for your case. However, before you hire any lawyer, consider the following points.

a. Find out if law firm has specialized in criminal defense

The legal system has become increasingly complex necessitating lawyers to specialize in one are. Specialization guarantees you that the lawyers in the law firm have the skills required to properly represent you in court and that they can keep up with the latest developments in criminal law.

b. The law firm’s success track record

If a law firm has a low success record it either means that the firm is not good in handling criminal law or they are not good at discerning the cases that are best suited for a plea agreement instead of a trial. However, if the law firm has a success record, it means that they are good in criminal law.

c. If the lawyers from the law firm are death penalty defense qualified

Checking for this qualification does not only apply to those charged with capital murder. It means that if the lawyers handling your case are death penalty defense qualified, you are assured that they are experienced in the field of criminal defense. Also, you are assured that they have experience in handling jury trials that involve serious offenses.

2. How to choose the right law firm dealing in family law

Divorce and other family disputes are emotionally draining and trying to figure out the law firm that can best handle your case can also be overwhelming. To make your decision making easier, you can consider the following factors.

a. Find out if the law firm is experienced in handling family law cases

One way to find out is to check whether the lawyers in the firm who will handle your case are board-certified in family law. For family lawyers in Sydney to be certified it means that they are experienced enough in that area. For them to retain their certification, they are required to be continuously educated in family law. Continuous education means that they are also continuously updated on the latest developments in family law.

b. Check if the lawyers in the law firm work well with people

best family lawyers sydneyTheir ability to work well with people important because in cases that involve family, you will be exposing highly personal information about yourself and your family. So you need lawyers who will make you feel comfortable and who can be trusted. Also, you are assured that if they do work well with other people, they will also be able to put the needs of your children first and make them comfortable while dealing with the case.

c. Check their success record

Your family’s life highly depends on the success of your case so it would only be natural to look for a law firm that has a proven success record in the area of family law. You can also check if their clients who have had similar cases are satisfied with the services. High client satisfaction is not only an indicator of their success rates but also an indicator of their ability to put the needs of their clients first.

3. How to choose the right law firm to handle your DUI case

DUIs carry hefty fines which include; a huge rise in insurance rates, or probable jail time. It is, therefore, important to find the best law firm to handle your case to avoid getting these hefty fines. When considering to hire the law firm, you can ask yourself the following questions.




• Has the law firm handled similar cases?

• The last time the law firm handled a similar case?

• Does the law firm specialize in DUIs?

• Are the clients who have had similar cases satisfied with the services?

• How dedicated is the law firm in handling your case? That is, do they have sufficient time to dedicate to your case?

A law firm that is experienced in handling DUIs should have lawyers who will be able to help you in the following areas;

• Reduce or even eliminate jail time

• Stop a revoked license

• Reduce the charge to a lesser offense

• Avoid trial with a plea bargain

• Skilfully try your case in front of a judge or jury

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