DUI Lawyers Sydney


DUI Solicitors SydneyFacing a DUI Charges is serious in Sydney these days. For those who have been charged any level of felony DUI, working with an experienced Criminal Attorney is often in their best interest. DUI Attorneys can explain to you what the charges are, what they mean, and how a conviction on those charges may affect your life and livelihood.

Sydney DUI attorneys can explain to those charged with felony DUI the ways in which the charges were formed in the first place. Many of those living and working in Sydney are not aware of the fact that multiple DUI arrests can lead to felony charges if enough of those arrests are made within certain periods of time. The more arrests a person has on DUI offenses, the more severe the penalties can be if convicted. This is why working with a Sydney criminal attorney is so important as some penalties can lead to prison time.

Anyone who is looking at felony drunk driving charges is entitled to a strong and effective defense. Being charged with an offense is not the same as being convicted of that offense.DUI attorneys will aggressively defend you even if your case seems hopeless. Those who have been arrested for a second, third, or even a fourth DUI, should contact an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible and schedule a free consultation.

In addition, those who have been charged with any of the following should consider seeking out legal assistance as well: Aggravated DUI, Hit-and-Run, any type of DUI with injuries, Vehicular homicide, refusal to take breath and blood tests, and first-time DUI arrests.

A conviction on any of these charges can have long-lasting consequences that can affect a person’s life in many ways. When faced with these types of charges, it is not advisable to attempt to “go it alone” or be your own lawyer. Those who are looking at these types of charges need legal assistance as soon as possible. DUI attorneys can help to prepare and present a strong legal defense on your behalf which may result in a reduction of the charges or dismissal of the case. In some cases, your Sydney criminal attorney may be able to challenge the state’s arguments and evidence.





While having a good time at your friend’s house while watching the big game, you decide to throw back a few beers. The night winds down, you get tired and decide to drive home. Suddenly you see flashing lights in your review mirror. The police officer tells you he has pulled you over for an expired tag, but then points a light in your eyes and asks you if you have been drinking. You say no, but he asks you to step out of the car anyway. He quickly places you in cuffs and takes you to jail on the suspicion of driving under the influence. Suddenly you find yourself facing formal DUI charges, which in Sydney, tend to be very severe. Fortunately, you can fight the charges in court with the assistance of a skilled DUI attorney.

An experienced DUI attorney will review the evidence of your case and design a strategy to beat the charges. The first step is to find a skilled DUI attorney. It is important to note how long each attorney has been practicing and his or her success record. However, it is common that people select their attorney by the vibe for feeling they get after speaking with them.

A good attorney is your ally. He is on your team and dedicated to helping you, as his reputation is on the line. His occupation will not last if he does not win cases. It is important to note, that for your DUI attorney to help you defeat the charges, you must be completely honest with them. Remember, they are your advocate. Tell them the truth, so they can be completely prepared for everything that you might encounter during your case. A skilled DUI attorney will usually enjoy a challenging case. Even if they are unable to have the case thrown out of court, they may be able to have your charge reduced.

Drink Driving Solicitors SydneyHaving a DUI on your record can put your reputation, career, finances, and personal relationships in jeopardy. The penalties you can expect if convicted include monetary fines, community service, mandatory educational programs, probation, and jail time.

A good attorney can get a breathalyzer test thrown out because it was faulty, he can infer that the weather was the reason you failed the field sobriety test. A good Sydney attorney will look at each piece of evidence and will consider ways to either get them thrown out of court completely or, if that doesn’t work, at least downplay it.

As an example, if the evidence against you states the arresting officer saw you swaying when you exited your vehicle, and experience DUI attorney could argue it was because your leg was asleep. Nearly all of the evidence will simply be the arresting officer’s word against yours, and many people are aware that detailed memories often fade quickly. Also, your DUI attorney will almost always search for witnesses that go against the officer’s story.

There are many aspects to a felony DUI case, and each of these aspects can be examined by your DUI attorneys to see if they were carried out properly, reported properly, and handled properly. These are rights that you have under the law, but those rights need to be protected and this is when working with an experienced criminal attorney can be very helpful. Do not assume that the State will be working hard to protect your rights.

If you are facing felony DUI charges, consider working with a criminal attorney as soon as possible. Your DUI attorneys can inform you as to what you are facing in both the near and the long term and help you decide the best path to take in your legal defense.