Criminal Lawyers Sydney

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Criminal Barristers SydneyMygen Legal is one of the best law firms in Sydney. We have expertise and experience in handling family law, criminal law and DUI cases. Our team comprises of highly-respected and experienced lawyers. We are passionate about delivering outstanding results for every client. Our vast experience enables us to provide superior legal representation to clients regardless of the nature of their cases.


Senior lawyers


Once you seek our legal aid in Sydney, we guarantee you that you will be represented by a lawyer with vast experience in criminal law, family law or DUI law. We never assign cases of our clients to junior or graduate lawyers. Only a senior lawyer will undertake all the legal work of your case. This ensures that you receive nothing but superior legal aid throughout.


All operations of our law firm are spearheaded by accredited lawyers who have been offering legal services to clients in Sydney for decades. Once you enlist our legal services, we will work closely with you to ensure that you get the strongest representation possible in court.


Fighting on your behalf


Dealing with wrong-doing accusations can cause stress, anxiety and frustration. Mygen Legal fights on behalf of the clients to have their charges dismissed, reduced or prevented. We offer clients the support of an empathetic, caring and passionate law firm that they need at such moments of uncertainty. We act promptly on behalf of our clients.


Best Criminal Barristers SydneyAt Mygen Legal, we are committed to defending your rights and we pride ourselves in being the leading law firm in the fight for justice. Our experienced criminal lawyers provide the best defence against criminal charges for clients. Sydney criminal justice system has many jargons. However, it affects everybody and we are the right team to protect your rights and fight for them when threatened.


Save time and money


We are dedicated to providing the best legal services in Sydney. Once you hire us to handle your case, we appear in court on your behalf. We also offer you the best legal representation and advice. Remember that criminal law is designed by criminal lawyers for all criminal lawyers. Therefore, do not entrust your case to an individual who does not have experience in criminal law. Let us handle your case to ensure great results, save you time and money.


Excellent results


Perhaps, a major reason why you should let us represent you when facing family law, criminal law and DUI charges is our excellent results in cases that we have handled in the past. Mygen Legal has achieved impressive results consistently for clients facing charges similar to yours. After representing our clients, their charges have been dropped and their licenses not disqualified. Most of our clients have not suffered convictions. Our legal practice is respected and well known among judges, police and magistrates. We work closely with experienced forensic experts when handling criminal cases in order to come up with strong defences.







Whether you need criminal, DUI or family lawyers in Sydney, Mygen Legal is the best law firm to contact. Get in touch with us now to get an unbeatable legal aid at an affordable price.